Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There has been some great posts about music recently (Natsume's post was fantastic for example!). I thought I would post some music I have enjoyed for quite some time. I figure though, that it may be somewhat inaccessible. It is kind of strange I guess, and not for everyone. It also takes a certain mood, for me at least.

First up is a song that is collaboration between the band Boris and noise guru Merzbow. It is actually a cover of an older song named Flower Sun Rain by Pyg. 

It is a slow and long track, towards the end it becomes really heavy (to my ears at least).

Wata from Boris also released a split EP with one of my favorite "folk" musicians from Japan, Ai Aso. Her music is often quite melancholy, but soothing also. Folks who like stuff like The Velvet Underground would probably appreciate it. I was looking for a song in particular to post, but I couldn't find it so..

Then there is Kazuki Tomokawa. I first heard his music when I was, gee, probably 15. And I have been listening to his releases ever since. It is really filled with emotion. Really devastating music, especially when one learns of what has inspired him at times.

And another track from the "screaming philosopher", Tomokawa. This is an interesting one because it is a video from him performing in the movie IZO. IZO was directed by Takashi Miike, of Audition and Ichi the Killer fame. Two of my favorite movies (Audition in particular).

Sorry for so many videos at once! Arrrrrg, it is hard not to get carried away!


  1. Kazuki Tomokawa is heavy stuff, love it, and pretty much everything Boris touches turns to awesome, so I really enjoyed the first two songs as well!

  2. I will add these into my foobar playlist at some point.

  3. I was already into Merzbow before this post, so that first song wasn't at all hard to get into.

    Second song: holy shit, what emotion! I'll definitely look into more of his stuff.

    The third song fits its context extremely well.

  4. Kazuki Tomokawa is my favorite Japanese artist.

  5. Glad you guys enjoyed the music!

    Me too, Sobul. Tomokawa has some amazing stuff throughout his pretty massive discography!

    I really like Merzbow as well, Hip-Hop Hiki.

  6. Excellent taste dude. Much love for Boris/Merzbow, and Ai Aso is mai waifu. I've only heard one Kazuki Tomokawa album, but it's excellent.