Thursday, October 28, 2010

G.Rev's next shmup + Radirgy Noa Massive

Hopefully this will be a worldwide release because it looks fucking crazy! Looks similar to Radiant Silvergun. I'm digging the soundtrack too!

Also, Radirgy Noa Massive should be out now. Play Asia shipped my copy to me a couple of days ago and I'm waiting for the delivery. Has multiple new game modes including a remix of the original Radirgy. Should be awesome for people who like Milestone.


  1. It's going to be released on XBLA so it will most certainly be available worldwide. The music in that promo vid is giving me mad hype

  2. Yeah, I can't wait for the G.rev title. Trouble Witches Neo is out on the 27th too, unless I'm mistaken. Should be awesome.

  3. Oh man. Dat soundtrack datass.jpg. A shame I don't have a 360 :(