Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mushihimesama Futari + Other stuff

By request.

Mushihimesama Futari is a vertical STG developed by CAVE. IT had an original release in arcades, then a 1.5 version and Black Label were released. There was also a 360 port with Black Label available as DLC. CAVE released it region free to test international waters. It seemed as though international sales exceeded expectations, however it is a shame not so many people have played it as it is a real gem. There is a "Platinum" release around the corner, I haven't seen a confirmation of its status in regards to being region free yet, but I will be sure to let people know. I love the game so strongly, I may even buy a few copies to give away (under the assumption it is region free).

Basically, it is a vertical shoot 'em up. It has 3 difficulties, Original, Maniac and Ultra. Original and Ultra have somewhat similar scoring systems (switching between shot and laser depending on your "counter" at various intervals), Maniac being somewhat more complex. For me, I really love the scoring system. It is straight forward, but at the same time it adds a real challenge to the game and adds substantial depth.

There is always quite a lot going on. It may be danmaku or giant boulders but there is always something to keep your eye on. From stage 3 onwards and stage 5 in particular, it becomes so fast paced and hectic you will probably surprise yourself at how you weave through the various patterns. It is a hugely rewarding and challenging game, and the Black Label DLC adds a huge amount to it. It is one of my favorite STGs. I play it damn near every day and recommend it highly.

I will add a video from the game and also the CAVE MushiFutari (Black Label)/Deathsmiles Superplay. Shmup videos always make it look easy ;_;. Most of the time anyways..

In other news, another DoDonPachi DFK PV has been released from CAVE. Coming out Nov. 25 for those of us with J360s.


  1. Nice bit on one of Cave's finest works IMO, and I'm very excited about the DFK port, nov 25th can't come soon enough! Nice to see more STG posts too!